Heal Emotional Pain and let go of the past

A space to heal emotional pain you've been holding onto.

Have you been feeling lost, stuck, or not sure how to manage the spinning thoughts in your mind? Are you reminded of painful memories from your childhood?


Many times the pain we are currently feeling is rooted to unresolved issues or a trauma from our past. The cup I use for the logo symbolizes the pain I'll hold for you. We will work together in a safe and comfortable space to begin your healing journey.

If you're a woman who is currently pregnant or in your postpartum journey, I provide group and individual therapy. It's a time in a woman's life that is changing so much from the body, mind, and way of living that may bring on overwhelming feelings or intrusive thoughts. There is often a sense of identity loss as well. I work with women on ways to cope with the emotions that come up during this season of life. We will work together on finding ways to feel like yourself again.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions you may have about the therapy process!

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Comfort. Balance. Calm. 

You are unique and I believe in therapy that works for you.


I specialize in maternal mental health and unresolved childhood trauma. We will meet in a comfortable space that allows the mind to be open to sharing and working through anxious and depressive feelings. When this happens, you will naturally work towards making change in your life and soon will be able to accept the past, so you can enjoy the present. The continuous thoughts you once had consuming you day in and day out, will begin to lessen. You will start to feel a sense of calm in your daily life. 

Learn more about what Melinda specializes in and her approach to therapeutic process.


In-Person Therapy

We can meet at my office space or in your home.

Office location:

647 W. Main St.

Suite 900

Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Run-Walk-Talk Therapy


Movement and being outdoors increases creativity and opens the mind, making it easier to open up and work through negative thoughts and feelings. When we are side-by-side rather than making direct eye contact, it reduces individuals' self-judgment. 

Online Therapy

Takes the same approach as in-person with the exception of doing face-to-face online therapy. This is done anywhere in Wisconsin via video. If you live in a rural area or have a tight schedule, online therapy provides accessibility and convenience.

Mom Support Therapy

Is designed especially for pregnant women and postpartum moms and beyond who are struggling with feeling emotionally overwhelmed, alone, depressed, anxious, or have a sense of identity loss. Having support during this time period will help you to not feel alone. 

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