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Online Therapy


We provide online therapy in the state of Wisconsin. Per state regulations, therapists must be licensed in the states where their clients are located or provide services internationally (outside of the United States). 

Why Online Therapy

Online is a really great option for individuals who live in rural areas, have time restraints, or simply just feel like we are a great fit and we live too far away from one another. Work life and personal life can become really hectic and therefore, online therapy can be a great option to fit in during lunchtime. If you're a parent, this is a great fit too! 

Specialty Focus

  • Maternal Mental Health (pregnancy, postpartum & beyond, pregnancy loss, and infant loss)

  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMAD) that could include:

    • ​​​Depression,

    • Anxiety,

    • OCD,

    • PTSD,

    • Bipolar

    • Psychosis 

  • Postpartum PTSD (may include traumatic birth, NICU, nightmares & flashbacks, avoidance of stimuli, increased irritability)

  • Unresolved childhood trauma (such as; emotional neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse, familial substance abuse, etc.)

  • Support Sessions for Parents 

* Perinatal means the period during pregnancy and postpartum.


We are in-network with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), UMR, UnitedHealthcare, Medicaid, and Quartz.


We encourage using out-of-network insurance too. Most out-of-network insurances cover 50-80% of the cost after your deductible has been met. We can work together on learning about your insurance benefits and I can call on your behalf. When you do use out-of-network, all sessions will still need to be paid in full at your scheduled time. I can provide you with a receipt (superbill) to submit for reimbursement.


Payment (copayment/coinsurance/deductible) is due at the time of service.

Maternal Mental Health


Is designed for moms during pregnancy, postpartum & beyond, and a perinatal loss. You may be struggling with feeling emotionally overwhelmed, alone, depressed, anxious, experiencing intrusive thoughts or have a sense of identity loss.  Having support during this time period will help you to not feel alone. 

To find out if therapy is a right fit for you...

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