In-Person Therapy

At this moment in time, I'm currently offering all sessions via Telehealth (online) using a HIPAA compliant platform.

Adults and Family Support Session

I provide individual therapy and a partner support session.

Specialty Focus

  • Maternal Mental Health (pregnancy, postpartum & beyond, pregnancy loss, and infant loss)

  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMAD) that could include:

    • ​​​Depression,

    • Anxiety,

    • OCD,

    • PTSD,

    • Bipolar

    • Psychosis 

  • Postpartum PTSD (may include traumatic birth, NICU, nightmares & flashbacks, avoidance of stimuli, increased irritability)

  • Unresolved childhood trauma (such as; emotional neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse, familial substance abuse, etc.)

  • Support Sessions for Parents 

Appointment Times

I'm available between 9:30 a.m. - 2:15 p.m on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.



I'm in-network and accept Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, UMR, UnitedHealthcare, and Medicaid.



I encourage using out-of-network insurance too. Most out-of-network insurances cover 50-80% of the cost after your deductible has been met. We can work together on learning about your insurance benefits and I can call on your behalf. When you do use out-of-network, all sessions will still need to be paid in full at your scheduled time. I can provide you with a receipt (superbill) to submit for reimbursement.

In-Person Therapy

Currently ALL sessions are offered via Telehealth (online). I use a virtual HIPAA compliant platform and is available to anyone who resides in Wisconsin.

Online Therapy

Takes the same approach as in-person with the exception of doing face-to-face online therapy. This is done anywhere in Wisconsin via video. If you live in a rural area or have a tight schedule, online therapy provides accessibility and convenience.

Mom Support Therapy

Is designed for moms during pregnancy, postpartum & beyond, and/or a miscarriage/baby loss. You may be struggling with feeling emotionally overwhelmed, alone, depressed, anxious, experiencing intrusive thoughts or have a sense of identity loss.  Having support during this time period will help you to not feel alone. 

To find out if therapy is a right fit for you...