"Hope is being able to

see that there is light

despite all the darkness"

~ Desmond Tutu

You Are Not Alone

You are unique and I believe in therapy that works for you.


My practice focuses on maternal mental health and unresolved childhood trauma. I’m passionate about providing support to new moms, veternan moms, and healing through a pregnancy loss. During prenatal, postpartum, and beyond, mixed feelings can show up at any given time and it can feel isolating, even if you’re surrounded by others. It’s ok to not feel ok. Reaching out for support is a wonderful act of courage and strength.

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In-Person Therapy

Currently ALL sessions are offered via Telehealth (online). I use a virtual HIPAA compliant platform and is available to anyone who resides in Wisconsin.

Online Therapy

Takes the same approach as in-person with the exception of doing face-to-face online therapy. This is done anywhere in Wisconsin via video. If you live in a rural area or have a tight schedule, online therapy provides accessibility and convenience.

Mom Support Therapy

Is designed for moms during pregnancy, postpartum & beyond, and/or a miscarriage/baby loss. You may be struggling with feeling emotionally overwhelmed, alone, depressed, anxious, experiencing intrusive thoughts or have a sense of identity loss.  Having support during this time period will help you to not feel alone. 


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