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My Best Work

Through my experience working with individuals and families, I had discovered my calling was working with maternal mental health and unresolved childhood trauma. 

How I Began My Career as a Therapist

I started as an In-Home Psychotherapist working with children and adolescents in their homes doing intensive therapy and also providing weekly family sessions. Much of my work was done with individuals who had experienced some type of trauma. Adolescents often deal with their trauma by externalizing (hitting others, destroying property, etc.) or internalizing (self-harming) their behaviors. 


Prior to my work as an In-Home Psychotherapist, I worked six years making home visits to new moms; including Spanish-speaking individuals. After eight years of in-home work, I transitioned to a behavioral hospital and worked there for three years in the intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs.


My work has also included individuals who struggle with substance abuse. Many times individuals abuse substances to "cope" and avoid the emotional pain. If you're ready to work through a trauma, I'm here to help. I don't ask for complete abstinence from substances, I do ask for you to be ready and willing to trust the process. We start slow with building a therapeutic relationship and eventually begin deeper work when you're ready. 

About me

I studied Spanish and nutrition during undergrad and found a love to travel to explore other cultures. My full-time job after earning my Bachelor of Arts was working within the community and visiting new parents' homes to discuss and educate on child development. After a few years of doing this kind of work, I knew there was a greater calling. I continued my work full-time and started graduate school to become a psychotherapist. I graduated from UW-Whitewater Counselor Education program in 2013 and received my Masters of Science degree. I had worked alongside a phenomenal professor that guided my individual work as a trauma therapist. I found that my best work is done with adults and adolescents who have unresolved issues from childhood and particularly childhood abuse. As I continued my practice, I found a deeper passion for maternal mental health after having my second child. 

I'm married and have an eight-year-old daughter who is full of lovable spunk and a son who is an energetic four-year-old.


I absolutely love the outdoors and a nice run in nature or a workout at home. 

When you're ready, I'm here for you to start the process.

Maternal Mental Health


Is designed for moms during pregnancy, postpartum & beyond, and a perinatal loss. You may be struggling with feeling emotionally overwhelmed, alone, depressed, anxious, experiencing intrusive thoughts or have a sense of identity loss.  Having support during this time period will help you to not feel alone. 

Online Therapy


Takes the same approach as in-person with the exception of doing face-to-face online video therapy. This is done anywhere in Wisconsin via a HIPAA compliant platform. If you have a kiddo at home, we can still have session in the comfort of your own home.

To find out if therapy is a right fit for you...

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